Japanese Art & Cultural Center
A Learning Place for Traditional Martial Arts and Fine Arts

Many thanks to our friends and neighbors who generously assisted the people in the Tohoku region of Japan affected by the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami happened on May 11, 2011.

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Our in-person martial art classes are now available !

Regular class fee is $25 per student per class. Please use the link below to view the latest class schedule:

We use Wellnessliving web portal service which can be accessed via smart phones as well. Register as a user (FREE) and agree/sign the waiver to view the class schedule and/or to sign up and pay online.

Please note:

(1) Mask or alternate face covering is requested.
(2) Class size is limited to 15-20 students.
(3) Social distance is observed; no physical contact is allowed.
(4) Social conversation should be minimized.
(5) Parents may wait inside or outside.
(6) Students are encouraged to put on uniforms at home instead of using the dressrooms.
(7) Water fountain is available; however, bringing your own bottled water is recommended.
(8) Gender-free restroom is available for use.
Welcome to JACC !!
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JACC offers the following classes in Traditional Japanese Martial Arts, Language and Culture:
The Japanese Art & Cultural Center (JACC) in San Jose, California offers the following classes for anyone interested in learning:
JACC Entrance

Traditional Japanese Martial Arts:

Karate / Kendo / Aikido / Kyudo / Iaido

Language Classes:

Japanese / English (ESL)

Children's classes:

Karate / Kendo / Japanese / English (ESL)

View or print our Brochure / Class Schedule (via wellnessliving.com)

We Always Welcome New Members!
Volunters & instructors
Some of our volunteers & instructors
COVID Notes: We currently require all participants (new or existing members) to sign up for classes via wellnessliving.com due to limited capacity to ensure social distancing.

How to Join: Find the class you would like to try out, sign up via Wellnessliving, and select "Free Trial" in the payment option. Most classes offer one free trial lesson. No uniform or equipment is required in the beginning. We also welcome visitors and guests from other dojos. Some (not all) classes offer fulltime high school and college students free access. If you are eligible, select "High School & College" in the payment option, if available, to receive a 100% discount. Parents may join their children's classes free of charge.

Questions? Ask the instructor(s) directly. Or, email us at staff@jpnarts.org. Email is the best way to contact our volunteer staff members.

We are located at 4334 Moorpark Ave, San Jose, CA 95129 U.S.A. (View MAP) in the Strawberry Park Shopping Center between Tomi Sushi and Teaspoons, next to the Mitsuwa Japanese Grocery Store at the corner of Moorpark Ave. and  Saratoga Ave. just off I-280.
JACC Iaido class photo
Iaido (Japanese swordsmanship) Class Participants
Zazen photo
Zazen (sitting meditation)
Karate class photo 1
Karate class photo
Children's karate class
Beginner children's karate class
Karate lesson photo
Kyudo photo
Kyudo (archery) demo by Scott Sensei
Kyudo class photo
Kyudo (archery) class
Kendo class photo
Kendo (fencing) class
Kendo class photo
Kendo practice
Kendo practice with bogu
Kendo practice with bogu (armor)
Cleaning up photo
Cleaning up the dojo after practice
Dojo photo
The dojo floor
Entrance photo
Entrance to the dojo
Summer Festival photo
At the Summer Festival
Balloon fishing
Fusen-tsuri (balloon fishing)
Shaved ice photo
Shaved ice at Summer Festival
Curry cook-off photo
Japanese Curry Cook-off
Japanese lesson
Children's Japanese lesson
Halloween party photo
Halloween party
Karate photo
Classroom photo
Summer Festival photo
Summer Festival
Summer Festival BBQ
BBQ during Summer Festival
Shoto photo
Shodo (brush calligraphy)
Halloween photo
Halloween costumes contest
Karate photo