Japanese Art & Cultural Center
A Learning Place for Traditional Martial Arts and Fine Arts

Teaching at JACC

We are looking for volunteer teachers/instructors who can teach:

  • Soroban (abacus)
  • Shodo/Shuji (brush calligraphy)
  • Painting (Japanese/Western)
  • Tea Ceremony (any style)
  • Flower Arrangement (any style)
  • Shakuhachi (bamboo flute)
  • Taiko drum
  • Drawing Anime & Manga
  • Go/Shogi
  • Hyakunin Isshu
  • Yoga
  • Any other traditional Japan-related fine arts or martial arts

Our facility is also available for events and activities. To inquire, please email us at: 

Tea Ceremony
Flower Arrangement
Tea Ceremony
Flower Arrangement
Japanese Art & Cultural Center
4334 Moorpark Ave.
San Jose, CA 95129 U.S.A.

Voice:  (408)418-3535
Email:  staff@jpnarts.org